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Water Softener

WetSpot is the original portable water softening system. WetSpot works basically the same way as a residential or commercial water softener, only it’s been designed to be portable and is recharged manually, requiring no electrical hook up! WetSpot is also designed to last-they are constructed out of strong, low maintenance materials that can withstand even harsh marine environments. PVC, aluminum, brass hose fittings, rubber wheels, even our labels are manufactured of a specialized material!

The resins that we use have been known to last for up to 15 years and more before requiring replacement, so we offer a 12 year performance warranty with total confidence! Aside from recharging the unit with common rock salt, (approx. 25 minutes monthly), the only maintenance necessary to keep WetSpot looking new is to apply a little wax to the end caps, and replace the label every few years! We also recommend that our conditioner be run through the unit every 6 months.

WetSpot softens water by removing the hardness. Hard water has minerals such as calcium and magnesium suspended in it. The minerals in hard water dry on surfaces and leave behind damaging spots. These spots will etch onto glass, painted surfaces, varnish, stainless, fiberglass, etc.-becoming permanent. These deposits also can accumulate on plumbing fittings, in pumps, etc.-causing intrusive build-up.

Here are two samples of water-done with our test kit :

Hard Water :

  • Water is cloudy
  • Water did not make bubbles
  • Hardness is suspended in water and then would be sprayed on boat surfaces and left to dry.

Soft Water :

  • Water is very clear
  • Water made bubbles all the way to top of vial.
  • No hardness suspended in water.

How is WetSpot different from competitors?

  • WetSpot has a 12 year performance warranty.
  • WetSpot is seen on the premier boats, yachts and docks of the world. Customers CHOOSE WetSpot!
  • WetSpot is easy to maintain. WetSpot does not require owner to replace filters.
  • WetSpot is very portable.
  • WetSpot is made from all marine grade materials.

This is how a WetSpot is packaged-it is shipped as two separate boxes. In the big box is the main unit. In the small box is the recharger, two service hoses (1-8”long and 1-30” long), a water hardness test kit and a set of instructions.

How to set up a WetSpot.

  • Connect 30” service hose to water source (dock water).
  • Then connect hose to WetSpot.
  • Arrow on top of WetSpot goes with water flow.
  • Connect dock hose to other end of WetSpot.

WetSpot is now ready for use. The very first time a WetSpot is used, there will be a red colored dischargethis is normal-let water run until it is clear.

For convenience, WetSpot has a stainless steel handle to make it easy to move.

  • The handle can be used to carry the WetSpot.
  • Or the handle can be used to pull the WetSpot.

How to Recharge a WetSpot.

  • Disconnect WetSpot from service hose.
  • Fill recharger with water softening rock salt crystals.
  • Connect Recharger to service hose-with arrow in direction of water flow.
  • Using 8” hose, connect Recharger to WetSpot.
  • WetSpot should be reversed-arrow on WetSpot should be facing arrow on Recharger.
  • Elevate discharge end (with wheels) at least 6”.
  • Turn water on. Water flow should be about ½ gallon per minute.
  • Let run about 30 minutes-until all salt is dissolved.
  • WetSpot is now recharged.
  • Disconnect from recharger and return to original position.
  • Let water run for about one minute to remove and residual salt.

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