Vessel Solutions provide marine engineering maintenance and vessel management

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Vessel Management

Technical Management

Each vessel requires its own individual maintenance procedure, with this Vessel Solutions offers planned maintenance schedules, including reviews and periodic inspections testing effectiveness and sustainability. Keeping your vessel at its optimum level requires a professional and constant monitoring, this can be achieved by appointing our personnel to oversee the maintenance and efficiency of the vessel. Our technical management branches out to assisting onboard engineering stuff with special shipyard specification and requirements and trouble shooting.

  • Vessel Refit Management
  • Refitting a vessel can be a daunting and stressful experience, which is why most successful refits are overseen by an impartial and knowledgeable middleman. Vessel Solutions has the skills, expertise and experience to act as this link between the shipyard and the client, ensuring the efficient and smooth refit of your yacht, be it a major or relatively minor maintenance period, keeping yacht downtime to a minimum and vessel availability to you at a maximum. Serving as this knowledgeable and professional liaison, our Vessel Managers will guide you towards the best refit experts, keep the yard informed about your requirements, decision and any last minute changes you may have along the way, whilst also providing you with regular and detailed progress reports so that you are never left in the dark
  • Pre-planning and assessment of work
  • Appraisal and selection of suitable repair yards
  • Obtaining quote, costing and financial control
  • Technical advice
  • Purchasing and logistical assistance
  • Provision of specialist contractors
  • Full-attendance project management

Maintenance Program

At Vessel Solution our team can write a customized maintenances and safety program.

  • Reduced equipment breakdowns
  • Reduced cost and enhanced safety
  • Improved access to safety information
  • Optimum stock control of expensive spare parts